A DIY industrial pipe shelf project can be a tall task for most people. To be honest, it can be much more simple than you ever think. Check out below several ideas we’ve rounded up that’ll inspire you.

Industrial Style furniture is one way if you want to have modern vibes and rustic appeal at the same time. Many people these days decide to build their own industrial style furniture such as bookcase. Industrial style bookcase sometimes not only featured plumper pipe but also can also use wheel. Yes, you read that right, bookcase with wheels.

It’s such an easy task to build your own home furniture these days. Beautiful, simple, and the most is important is affordable DIY ideas that are flooding the DIY community. With some plumbing pipe and reclaimed wood, you can make your own coffee table. Yes, you read that right, you can make your own industrial coffee table.

Lighting is one thing that plays a major role in a house. There are endless lighting styles you can easily find either from the internet or decor magazines. Here we will discuss about industrial style light pendant that’s trending and most people love it. Chandelier or light pendant with industrial style will level up your home decor to the next level.

One style that currently trending in home decor is industrial style. Industrial style decor shows something edgy, sometimes with chic touch. This style also features clean lines and a modern aesthetic. To be honest, there is an endless variety of industrial style decor that present this day.

You probably have finished decorating your indoors with the help of some consultants or maybe just buy ready-to-use items you found. Now here you are, thinking to add your personal touch to the interior design of your own house. On the other side, you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it. Sit back and relax because we’re here to help.

Valentine’s Day is coming fast! Do you decorate your home for it, or not? We all know that we kind of lazy to decor for Valentine’s Day. That may happen not because we’re not in love or look for it but mostly Valentine’s decoration is not cheap, mostly. No matter though we consider Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays of the year.

The holiday is near and we all excited to start the new journey. So, are you ready to have a winter trip with your RV? Today, we’ll help you to make your dream comes true: a nice winter trip with RV! Scroll down below to get some inspirations.

Christmas crafts is one of the best things to look out for during the holiday. Not only it lets you use your creative drive, it feels good to decorate your house with your creations, too! That’s why here, we’re showing you 25 brilliant DIY mason jar ideas you can follow for this Christmas. Let’s dive in!

There are a few essential areas to cover when it comes to Christmas decorations. You surely want your living room and porch completely decked out in Christmas lights, holiday garlands, and other knickknacks, right? But honestly, there’s something you might be overlooking when dreaming up ideas: Christmas window decorations. You may be wondering, “Why are windows so important?”