42 Amazing Summer Classroom Door Decoration Ideas that Popular Nowadays

When the air is getting hotter and humid, it means the summer is near! With all of the sunshine and scorching heat, it’s time for fun activities. Summer is the perfect season to provide you with fun. Maybe, you can start with 42 amazing summer classroom door decoration ideas that popular nowadays.

Door is the first thing you see when you want to enter or exit a classroom. That’s one of the reasons why it’s also fun to put decoration on your classroom door. Not only will energize you after school, it’s also bring joy to your class. And joyful class equals happy class, right?

Summer Theme with Sail Boats

Use Countdown for Decoration

Inside of A Watermelon

3D Display with Flowers and Sun

Door Display with Reminders

List of Students in Class

Door Decoration with Flip Flops

Cute Turtle Decoration

Door with Flower and Umbrella

Quote with Funny Pun

Printed Attendance List

Famous Cartoon Character

Attendance List with Photos

3D Pine Tree Decor

Squid and Sea Animals Handcraft

Image Source

Sea-Theme for Door Decoration

Ice Cream Cone

Door with Vacation Wish

Image Source

Handcraft from Art Paper and Beads

Decoration from Colorful Art Paper

Sweet Motivational Quote

Display of 3D Coconut Tree

Rows of Flip Flops

Cartoon Character Line Art

3D Seaweed and Turtle

Large Crab Door Art

Bee Hive and Bees

Plaids Cover from Table Cloth

Simple Quote for Summer

Image Source

Beach Art for School Door

Image Source

Decoration Inspired from Movie

Rainbow and Flower Garden

Image Source

Colorful Design from Watercolor

Image Source

Gnomes and Mushroom Design

Image Source

Beach Vacation Decoration

Simple Under The Sea Theme

Cover The Door with Painting

Attendance List with Artificial Flowers

Trees and Students Photographs

Coconut Tree Decoration for Door

3D Door Decoration for Summer

Superhero Door Decoration

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