8 Precise Garden Light Color Ideas for Winter to Spring

When you’re satisfied with arranging plants in your garden. Then, it’s time to consider the lighting. Just because the sun has set, it doesn’t mean you stop enjoying your garden. Therefore, check out the following garden light color ideas to illuminate your yard at night.

1. Yellow Orbs

The yellow hue is always a choice for your garden light color. It ignites the calm evening look with enough highlight to your trees, stairs, and pathway. Additionally, The orb shape also serves as decoration to add more shape in your garden.


2. Green, Yellow, and Orange Combo

Next, you can consider combinations of green, yellow, and orange for garden light color choices. The diverse colors add the touch of light festivities during the night. Keeping the fresh garden feel of the morning to the night.


3. Red Line Highlight

Try the red garden light colors and lay them close to the smaller plants in your yard. This red hue can highlight the beautiful flowers growing on the ground. Moreover, red colors give a stimulus to flower or fruit production in plants.


4. Blue Pathway Light

Add the magic to the cold winter night. These blue garden light colors will brighten your path with a majestic touch of its hues. Also, the blue colors is good for chlorophyll production in plants, making them grow stronger and tall.


5. White Security Wall Lamp

Nowadays, choosing your garden light colors is not only for aesthetics but also for security means. Choosing the bright white security wall lamps is suitable to complete those means.


6. Down Shoot from Wall Lamps

If there’s a high fence in the garden, utilize them to install these down shoot wall lamps. Firstly, these lamps will highlight the fence design of your choosing. Secondly, it highlights the beautiful arrangement of plants and flowers nearby the fence.


7. Bulbs on Hanging Strings

The first in our hanging light suggestions is the bulb on strings. These lamps will brighten your evening and brightens the mood to enjoy your garden.


8. Hanging Paper Wrap Lamps

The second of hanging light is utilizing the paper wrap lamps. The outer look of these lamps add romantic feelings. Thus, they are perfect for dinner setting outdoor too.


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