8 Easy DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves You Can Make At Home

A DIY industrial pipe shelf project can be a tall task for most people. To be honest, it can be much more simple than you ever think. Check out below several ideas we’ve rounded up that’ll inspire you.

1. Wall-Mounted Shelf with Industrial Pipe

Shelf with the industrial pipe as the holder has a strong and sturdy impression. A combination with wood adds a more nature accent to it. As you can see from the picture above where you can put various stuff to the shelf.


2. Screwed Metal Pipe Bathroom Shelf

Floating bathroom shelving doesn’t need to be big in size. As you see from the picture above, even with minimal materials you can get a fully-functional shelf. With screwed metal pipe bar as a holder that adds industrial accent to it.


3. Three-Tiered Shelf

The picture above shows a three-tiered shelf. This type of shelf is suitable as a showcase or even a retail shelf. It’s supported with four plumber pipes on each tier.

4. Corner Triangle Shelf

A wall-mounted triangle shelf is suitable for the corner of your home. Add plumber pipes as its frame and you’ll have a firm shelf you can use. No more unoccupied corner again.

5. Ceiling-Mounted Bookshelf

A shelf attached to the ceiling will provide you extra space and also storage like you can see from the picture above. You can put your book collections there. Use industrial pipe bar as support for long last usage.

6. Winding Design Industrial Shelf

A wall-mounted shelf with winding design surely adds extra aesthetic value to your room. You also can occupy a corner space in your room. With threaded metal plumbing pipe and you’ll add industrial accent to it.

7. Ceiling-Height Industrial Shelf

With a ceiling-height shelf, sometimes you find it hard to reach upper storage. You can feature a ladder made out of industrial plumber pipe. It surely will add an industrial accent to your existing industrial shelf.


8. Rustic Industrial Bookshelf

The picture above shows a rustic look industrial bookshelf. you’ll get the rustic accent by using reclaimed dark wood and tarnished pipe as the frame. Put it next to a bright-colored wall and you’ll have a stunning view.


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