41 Cute Towel Shelf in the Master Bathroom

Follow the plain bathroom curtain if you like colorful wallpapers, however, and let the wallpaper do all the work. Adding a rack or back-of-door shelf can save a lot of space and help you find what you’re looking for easily! Moving your shoe organizer before in your bathroom is a very easy approach to get rid of makeup and body solutions!

Installing a rolling rack makes it easy to find what you are looking for! 6 With a few steps, the stairs provide a special and charming way to get rid of bath towels. Cheap plywood is rough and flake, but uses a little elbow oil to create a smooth surface. Included shelves provide out-of-the-way storage space for extras such as toilet paper or items that are rarely used. Bring a small cupboard and provide a fresh new place as a place to store towels.

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